10 Basic Arduino Projects

Welcome to Arduino World!
The iHackRobot Lab Team

This is the prototype we will use through out our first 10 basic Arduino projects.

This is an example of one of the many projects we will build and program using our prototype.

We will use only 4 basic materials in our prototype: 
1. LEDs, 9 pcs 
2. Resistors, 9 pcs, 200 ohms 
3. connecting wires
4. Arduino UNO 

With all these 4 components, we will be building the following 10 arduino projects:
1. The Blinking Red
2. Let There Be Lights: The Switcher
3. The Blinker: Blinking Lights
4. The Jumper : Jumping Lights
5. The Breaker: Dividing Lights
6. The Roller: Rolling Lights
7. The Knight Rider: Chasing Lights
8. Binary Counter: Counting Lights
9. The Tester: Testing Lights
10. Game of Logic: Thinking Lights

11.  Railroad Traffic Lights: Warning Lights 
12. Traffic Lights w/ Switch   
13:  Light Waves Symphony: Singing Lights
14. Binary Clock: Timing Lights
15. Serial Monitor: Hello My Hackspace World
16. Generating Tones
17. Painting Colours
18. Shrinktifing
19. Robotics ***
20 more iHackLab Building

*** Aside from the above arduino projects, we will also learn how to control a biped-robot (homodruino) remotely using the internet, your own website, via a wifi, an ethernet, a TV remote control, your computer monitor, your keyboard, your mouse, bluetooth, an iphone, an ipad, and even using your voice.

This is the actual diagram we will use all through out our 10 projects. There are no messy soldering and complex programming. From this setup, we will actually learn more than 20 projects, if and only if you will do all the interesting challenges provided in each lesson or tutorial. ;-)

The Blinking Red

The Blinker

The Chasing Colours

The Knight Rider

The Binary Counter

Aside from these 10 beginners projects, you will advance to more interesting fun creations like programming some stand alone chips that can be used in building robots, toys or gadgets. And finally, as our main objective, we will build a Star Wars like Jedi training ball in the end and maybe build a self-conscious  robot. If you have made one of any of our projects, please share or post them on this blog. Thank you.

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  1. where is program code for this project

    1. you can find the code of each project by selecting or clicking the project you want to build under the arduino projects column :)