Sunday, March 20, 2016

Two Desk Lamps controlled by Chronos Watch

The Red and Green LEDS represent house appliances
or your Car ignition system

2 Relay Module
2 Leds (your appliances)
2 resistors
connecting wires
Arduino R3 UNO board

Block Diagram:

NOTE: The RGB Led represents house appliances


/* ===============================================================
      Project: Relay controlled by a watch
      Author: J. B. Wylzan with some help from Texas Instrument
      Abstract: Control any appliances via a chronos watch.
================================================================== */

HINT: The codes can be found on some of our projects here. However, Codes 
were intentionally NOT POSTED due to the electrical risk that you might 

However, I will give you the PROCEDURE how to make it:
1. Initialize your Led1(red) and Led2(green)
2. Activate your serial communication
3. Do an if-Else statement on your Loop()
4. If 1 red Led is turned ON
5. If 2 green Led is turned ON
6. Else if 3 both leds are turned OFF
7. Upload program
8. Open Serial Monitor
9. Type 1,2, or 3 to turn On and Off the Leds
10. Activate your Chronos Control Center (project 30).

Make sure to ask for professional advice when you are using any
appliances rated 220V or 120V. Unplug any electrical supplies
when working on your projects. Wrong handling of such may cause 
electric shock, fire or worst death. BEWARE!

Controlling your bedroom desk lights
using a chronos watch

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