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Robot Controlled by a TV Remote

Peanutz : My Robotic Dog


/* ===============================================================
      Project Homotronics: Robot controlled by a TV remote
      Author: J. B. Wylzan with some help from the Arduino community
      Abstract: Control a robot via a TV remote control.
================================================================== */

#include <IRremote.h>

const int MLWF = 10;         
const int MLBB = 9;
const int MRYF = 6;         
const int MRRB = 5;

// The codes below were generated from our Project the Infra Red Sensor.
const long lft = 0x4EB338C7;    
const long fwd = 0x4EB322DD;    
const long rht = 0x4EB312ED;    
const long rvs = 0x4EB3B847;    
const long stp = 0x4EB33AC5;    

IRrecv irrecv(IR_PIN);
decode_results results;

void setup()
  irrecv.enableIRIn();        // turn on the receiver
  pinMode(MLWF, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(MLBB, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(MRYF, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(MRRB, OUTPUT);}

void loop() {
  if (irrecv.decode(&results)) {
    long int decCode = results.value;
    switch (results.value) {
      case lft:
       analogWrite(MLBB, 0);     
    analogWrite(MLWF, 255);
    analogWrite(MRRB, 0);     
    analogWrite(MRYF, 0);   
      case fwd:
        analogWrite(MLBB, 0);     
    analogWrite(MLWF, 255);
    analogWrite(MRRB, 0);     
    analogWrite(MRYF, 255);          break;
      case rht:
         analogWrite(MLBB, 0);     
    analogWrite(MLWF, 0);
    analogWrite(MRRB, 0);     
    analogWrite(MRYF, 255);  
      case rvs:
         analogWrite(MLBB, 255);     
    analogWrite(MLWF, 0);
    analogWrite(MRRB, 255);     
    analogWrite(MRYF, 0);        break;  
      case stp:
        analogWrite(MLBB, 0);     
    analogWrite(MLWF, 0);
    analogWrite(MRRB, 0);     
    analogWrite(MRYF, 0); 
        Serial.println("Press a key ...");




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